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GSM alarm module
The GSM230 alarm module is designed for remote control of the  230V powered electric fence charger.
Controls and settings are performed via SMS messages or via the buttons and LCD display of the module.
In the event of an error on the fence (when the voltage drops to low or fence charger has a fault), the GSM230 sends an alarm in the form of an SMS message so that the day-to-day inspection and control of the electric fence is no longer necessary. Whenever you can check the status of the electric fence via SMS.
The GSM230 alarm module requires a SIM card that is not included!

GSM230 alarm module
The GSM230 enables:
● Remote switch on/off the fence charger
● Turning on/off the fence alarm
● Measurement of the fence voltage (500V - 12kV)
● Electrical fence control
● Send alarms and notifications to up to 6 phone numbers
● Delayed alarm sending (30min - 24h)

The kit contains:
- GSM alarm module GSM230
- instructions for use
- electric fence connection cable (1.5m)
- Mounting brackets
GSM230 alarm module
GSM230 alarm module
190,27 €(VAT incl.)
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